11 celebrities who show that having many children means living life to the fullest…

Many parents believe that they can handle just one or two children at a time. Having a bigger family, on the other hand, might provide greater happiness and enjoyment. The same is true for celebrities as it is for everyone else. If you’re like Angelina Jolie, having six children at home is like having a team that looks out for her and each other.

In this post we’ve put together a list of celebrities who have embraced the philosophy «the more the merrier» when it comes to having children.

#1. Billy Ray Cyrus

#2. James Van Der Beek

#3. LeBron James

#4. Tori Spelling

#5. Rod Stewart

#6. Steven Spielberg

#7. David and Victoria Beckham

#8. Angelina Jolie

#9. Kris Jenner

#10. Cristiano Ronaldo

#11. Shaquille O’Neal

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