17 people who completed the repair but overlooked one crucial detail…

To be honest, it’s not that tough to do a house renovation on your own. At the very least, this is a concept that is frequently promoted by the different television programs that focus on house maintenance. People who have taken this step, on the other hand, are well aware that things are very different in reality, and even the smallest detail might be deadly when it comes to completing your flawless repair.

#1. “Built-in home appliances? Yes, but…”

#2. «Evacuation exit? With an obstacle? Why?!»

#3. Extremely controversial solution for the bathroom

#4. When you accidentally put the alarm button next to the light switch and noticed it too late:

#5. A sink that brings up specific

#6. The most secret of all secret rooms!

#7. Kind of modern look I guess.

#8. The longer you look at this shower, the more it seems that something is wrong with it.

#9. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets: modern day.

#10. Hotel room view.

#11. Installing the hand dryer over the radiator was not the best idea.

#12.Like in a bad computer game.

#13. Schools now-days.

#14. Were they even thinking?

#15. It’s not a mirror, it’s a doorway.

#16. Refrigerator in the middle of the kitchen? Why not?

#17. The sink that you can’t use.

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