Would you sit on the floor to eat? Tap to know more about why Japanese eat on the floor…

While sitting at the dinner table in a relaxed manner may be really pleasant, it is not usually the greatest thing for your health to do. Most of our time is spent sitting at work, and we arrive home while sitting in the vehicle or via public transportation, just to find ourselves sitting down for dinner again. However, the majority of Japanese families eat their meals on the floor, and even at 5-star restaurants in Japan, you will almost certainly not find any chairs available.

We were astonished to learn that people in Japan eat their meals while sitting on the floor, and this isn’t only due to the fact that Japanese households are often tiny. In fact, there are so many health advantages to this practice that you may want to give it a try.

1. It is beneficial for digestion.

Yoga may be practiced while eating on the floor with your legs crossed, which is a really convenient way to get some exercise in at the same time. This cross-legged posture is referred yoga as «easy» pose, or sukhasana, and it’s thought to promote blood flow to the stomach, allowing you to digest food more quickly and absorb the most vitamins and minerals from your food intake. When you bend forward to pick up food from your plate and then return to the starting position to swallow it, you are strengthening the muscles in your belly, which may help to reduce bloating and gas formation.

2. If you’re trying to lose weight, it might be advantageous.

When you are eating, it is excellent to sit on the floor since it increases the activity of your vagus nerve, which is healthy. Once a hormone known as leptin is released by your digestive system, it sends a signal to your vagus nerve, which helps to keep you from overeating. If your vagus nerve is working normally, it may be able to assist you in avoiding excessive eating.

3. It helps to maintain your joints in good condition.

When you’re sitting in a chair for an extended period of time, your hips get tight. Sitting on the floor, on the other hand, helps you to stretch your hips and ankles, increasing the flexibility of your joints. As a result of encouraging you to use the muscles that are not active while you’re sitting in a chair, certain sitting positions, such as kneeling and squatting, make your muscles work even when you’re resting.

4. It may help you live longer.

The ability to rise smoothly from a cross-legged position without help increases the likelihood of living a longer life. Eating while sitting on the floor and getting up many times during the day is one of the most basic techniques for extending your life span, according to the conclusions.

5. It makes you more flexible.

While sitting in a chair for an extended period of time may create back pain and ultimately strain the discs in the spine, sitting on the floor allows you to stretch your knees and hips more. The fact that this posture encourages you to sit straighter with each bite stops you from slouching and allows you to build strength in your back and shoulders.

6. It helps to improve your posture.

By encouraging you to use your core muscles when your chair does not support your back, it helps to improve your overall posture and comfort. Maintaining a straight posture is important since slouching is known to cause back discomfort.

7. It has a calming effect on the mind.

Doing yoga while eating helps to relax the mind as well. When your mind is at ease, you may take pleasure in your meal even more and eat just until you are satisfied.

Have you ever attempted to eat while seated on a solid floor?

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