An frightening photo of the neighbor’s dog has become an even more terrible meme…

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. But it is dogs who live outside of cities that demonstrate this characteristic the most prominently. When they are in the wild, their hunting instincts are more acute than those of their fellow tribesmen who live in urban dwellings.

Our hero today, on the other hand, stands out from the crowd due to her small stature. At the same time, despite its size, it has the ability to frighten people. And the dog made an appearance on the Internet due to a Twitter user who sees him every other day on his fence. And, as you can see, it’s a terrifying sight.

The person advised that the hilarious dog be made into a meme hero since comedy is the greatest medicine for fear. The proposal was well received by the community, as seen by the enormous number of likes the post received. At the same time, users demonstrated a high level of creativity by creating a meme out of the photo of the dog.

For example, they transformed him into the hero of the cult film «Joker,» in which he appeared incredibly well, and they also transformed him into numerous other movie characters. But, at the same time, the subject of what the user thinks of his unusual neighbor remains open for users to consider.

After all, you have to agree that seeing such a scene every time you look out of the window is a little depressing. Unless, of course, the look on this dog’s face changes from time to time. What are your thoughts?

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