Before passing away in a nursing facility, a Vietnam War veteran longed to cuddle his pet dog one final time…

John Vincent, a Vietnam War veteran, realized he didn’t have much time left, so he requested for a hug from his dog before taking his last breath. The 97-year-old man’s dream was granted, and his pet was brought to the hospice on a special delivery.

The guy had no living relatives, and when he ended up in a hospice, there was no one who could take care of his dog while he was there. Although he was surrendered to the city’s animal shelter for the homeless, his owner retained his most treasured longing in his heart.

He was fully aware that he did not have much time left on this planet, and his last desire was, of course, granted.

Patch, the dog owned by the US Marine veteran, accompanied him wherever he went. He even accompanied him on his motorbike ride. Patch even had his own set of small goggles for these kind of excursions. The Animal Welfare Service couldn’t let this heartwarming event pass them by and snapped a handful of photos during the meeting.

And, only lately, the shelter’s employees posted on their Facebook page that several people had shown an interest in adopting the dog, and that if the required paperwork was completed, the dog will be placed in a new home. We hope that he will not miss his previous owner too much and that he will be just as well-loved in his new environment.

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