Surfers risked their lives to save a crying baby whale by swimming beside him for six hours…

In the nature, a human being is a consumer, bringing a great deal of pain and destruction to both flora and fauna in order to meet his own needs, which are often not at all basic demands. However, in recent years, several groups dedicated to the conservation of nature, particularly animals, have made significant attempts to instill a more mindful attitude toward nature.

And their efforts paid off; people started to demonstrate much more humanity, and in some instances, true devotion to animals, and this story recounts one such situation that happened in Costa Rica.

Two surfers on the Costa Rican coast were ready to start their sport when they spotted an odd movement in the water.

As they got closer, they discovered a little, sickly young whale. It was very small and weak and barely managed to stay afloat. The surfers moved the infant closer to the water, but it was too weak to swim.

Then they managed to keep the whale afloat for six hours, which allowed them to preserve the baby’s life. Having completed a lengthy rescue mission, they swam to deeper waters and released the animal, certain that it would eventually locate its fellow tribesmen who would save it.

That humans are becoming more responsible and mindful of the representatives of the animal world, as well as putting up significant effort to protect them, is a source of great delight.

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