Despite Cookie’s cries, her owners did not react in any way, and she stayed there for a long time before she realized this one thing…

Pets, like everyone else on our planet, grow old. After that, many owners just toss them out into the street, as if they were a waste of space.

Cookie is the sweetest old spaniel who, together with his fellow Labrador, began to wander the streets of California. They had such sadness in their eyes that it spoke louder than words about the anguish they were feeling as a result of the owners’ betrayal after so many years of faithfulness.

The dogs were discovered and taken to the shelter by shelter employees. Eventually, the owners were located as well, but they claimed that they had brought a little Labrador with them and that they no longer required Cookie since he had reached the age of 15. Cookie broke down in front of the shelter personnel when he realized that his owners no longer need his services.

Despite Cookie’s cries, her owners did not respond in any manner to her sorrowful cries, and Cookie remained with them for an extended period of time, eventually recognizing that she had been deceived by her owners.

Despite this, the dog did not grow resentful and continued to be pleasant with humans. The employees at the shelter shared this story on their Facebook page, and thankfully, there were nice individuals who volunteered to take her in for a short period of time.

But Cookie captivated them so much that, in all probability, they are not in a rush to return her, and it is most probable that the dog, after all that she had undergone, found a home and loving owners who accepted her in regardless of her age, a scenario that is most likely true.

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