Just seconds before taking her last breaths, mom straps her baby in a car seat and throws her out of a second-story window… A true hero…

I can’t believe how much your intuition improves after being a mother. Your sensitivity has been heightened, your bond to another human being is something that cannot be explained, and above all else, you will do everything it takes to keep your kid safe and protected.

An Illinois woman, whose fast thinking and devotion for her daughter saved the life of her 12-day-old infant, couldn’t have said it better herself. Shelby Ann Carter, a 21-year-old mother, is being hailed as a hero by many in her neighborhood as well as others around the nation.

Approximately one hour before midnight on January 30, firefighters got a report regarding a home fire. First responders arrived at the residence, which Shelby and her mother shared, to find Shelby, 21, dead in a second-floor bedroom. Shelby had died before they arrived. Carbon monoxide poisoning was the cause of her death.

Keana Davis, the newborn, was discovered on top of a pile of rubble, securely strapped into her carseat.  Shelby had broken a second-story window in order to save her daughter’s life, and she had been thrown from it.

Shelby demonstrated exceptional mental foresight by swiftly strapping her into the carseat, even under the most life-threatening of situations and with a very little amount of time on her hands.

The baby was fully uninjured, with the exception of a slight burn. Responders transported her to the hospital in excellent condition, where she was treated and discharged soon after.

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