14 photos that demonstrate how memorable first time experiences can be…

It’s always exciting to be introduced to something for the first time since we know that it will only happen once in our lives. And no matter how much better life becomes later on, the flurry of emotions that accompanies a first encounter is so strong that it lingers with us for the rest of our lives. Because of this, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a puzzled baby make their first discoveries and discover the world around them. Because it serves as a constant reminder of how amazing life is, even though we take it for granted sometimes.

We feel that we must constantly strive to maintain that childlike sense of wonder alive inside ourselves. Here are some photographs that will serve as a reminder of how valuable the seemingly little things in life can be.

#1. The first encounter between the cousins.

#2. “My 94-year-old grandfather enjoying his first hamburger, which he devoured like a champ.”

#3. “My son’s first encounter with a toad was a memorable one.”

#4. “My girlfriend has had a lifelong fascination with elephants, which I find amusing. She was introduced to one for the first time.”

#5. “My newly adopted nephew and my 2-year-old niece are experiencing their first playdate together.”

#6. “Pumpkins have always been a favorite of my niece’s. We brought her to her first pumpkin field today, which was a first for both of us.”

#7. “My dad’s first encounter with a newborn goat was a memorable one.”

#8. Her first experience with bubbles.

#9. “I brought my kid to the beach for the first time, and her face says it all.”

#10. “She’s meeting her sister for the first time”.

#11. “My friend adopted a little girl from Haiti, and this is her first time seeing snow.”

#12. Meeting his great-granddaughter for the first time.

#13. My niece’s first experience with a swing set was an unforgettable one.

#14. “Her reaction to my first dad joke.”

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