One day, I was driving down the road and came upon my baby kitten…

Valia, originally from Greece, is a kind woman and animal lover who has cared for and fostered a large number of stray animals.

She came across a little kitten on the side of the road one day; he was simply sitting there in a small plastic container, all alone in the scorching July heat.

Valia has an instinct for rescuing animals; she recognizes that these unfortunate creatures are in desperate need of assistance and goes out of her way to provide them.

As a result, she grabbed up the little kitten and brought him home to her family of 5 dogs and 2 cats — a household with a lot of activity!

He was extremely little and required a great deal of care and attention, but she managed to find time in her hectic schedule to provide for his needs.

In little time, he was sitting down to eat by himself and gradually started to investigate the rest of the home.

Although Valia did her best not to get too connected to him, she found it difficult since he was such a loving kitty and she believed he was really unique.

Nothing more could be done except observing how he interacted with the rest of his family.

The dogs ignored him and the other cats despised him; she could see he was lonely and that her affection wasn’t enough for him. What should she do?

“I saw him play and be happy for the first time, and I simply knew that I was right all along,” she decided to take him to the cattery. He was lonely, and he wanted something other than what I could provide.”

“I felt like a new mother dropping her child off to kindergarten for the first time on that day.  I was a bundle of nerves going in, yet I came out feeling relieved.” It had been seen that Rudi, as Valia had now christened him, was trembling quite a bit on a regular basis.

Ataxia is a neurological condition that inhibits movement and coordination. After another trip to the veterinarian, he was diagnosed with the condition. This made no difference to Valia; in fact, it only served to increase her affection for him.

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