14 people who received more than they asked for and loved it…

The experience of ordering a dinner at a restaurant and being presented with a dish that is much larger than we could have anticipated may be a pleasant surprise. When we get more than we anticipated, it may make a tremendous difference in our mood, whether it’s unearthing an ancient antique in your garden or really winning a competition that we had entered and won. These people display that your luck may be just around the corner if you just have the patience to wait.

Because we want to share the happiness of others with the rest of the world, we are sharing these photographs with you in order to encourage you.

1. “I placed an order for my first ever dosa and was not expecting it to reach the size of my arm.”

2. These two burgers are unlike anything else you’ve ever had.

3. “My sister discovered a little starfish in her mussels.”

4. “Someone discovered a massive blueberry.”

5. “Look at these carrots I gathered from my own backyard.”

6. “My mother was gardening at my grandparents’ property when she discovered this 2.5 dollar gold coin from 1852, which she refashioned into the necklace it was intended for.”

7. “Our home still retains its original milk door.”

8. “When you manage to thrift the cutest koala onesie for $1.”

9. “Today, I received a fantastic surprise in the form of learning about the delicious Lucy Glo apple! This is the greatest apple I have ever eaten.”

10. “Tiny hard shell egg inside a regular egg.”

11. “I just won a tablet computer in a contest! I’ve never won anything quite like this before.”

12. “It’s time to get it right, folks!”

13. “While hiking in Scotland, I came upon a “moonbow”. “I had no idea they were even a thing.”

14. “Halloween pizzas” are available at our local grocery store.

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