18 people who pushed themselves to their limits and had incredible transformations…

A short look through Instagram, or even just browsing the internet, will reveal a myriad of weight loss solutions that promise rapid and dramatic results. However, the majority of these products do not result in any weight loss and, in fact, are dangerous to your general health. Ultimately, there is only one method to alter your body and reduce weight: by following a certain routine. All you have to do now is make some dietary changes and start exercising as much as you reasonably can.

Despite the fact that losing weight does not necessarily equate to being happier or healthier, we would like to salute the mental strength of these 18 individuals who took the choice to alter the path of their life.

#1. “From 321 pounds to 199 pounds. Being half the woman I used to be is a significant achievement for me.”

#2. “In 20 months, I went from 278 pounds to 151 pounds’ .  It really doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there as long as you get there,”

#3. “Over the course of 18 months, I went from weighing 317 pounds to 172.4 pounds.”

#4. “I went from 265 pounds to 185 pounds in 16 months. It’s not much, but it means the world to me.”

#5. “In only 19 months, I went from 214 to 145 pounds! In recent weeks, I’ve been concentrating on strength.”

#6. “In 24 months, I went from 190 pounds to 132 pounds. Progress is slow but steady!”

#7. “In 24 months, I went from 344 pounds to 206 pounds. I  really enjoy my new life.”

#8. “In 7 months, I went from 255 pounds to 198 pounds. It felt strange to see myself today on a video chat.”

#9. “I went from 300 pounds to 162 pounds. I’ve shed 138 pounds in three years.”

#10. “From 190 to 140 pounds! The photos were taken four years apart, and the weight loss was achieved after 18 months of sobriety and jogging 25-35 miles each week!”

#11. “In four months, I went from 313 pounds to 263 pounds.”

#12. “In less than four months, I went from 300 pounds to 230 pounds.”

#13. “In one year and eight months, I went from 320 pounds to 190 pounds. It hasn’t been easy, but it has been well worth the effort.”

#14. “From bad behaviors and a weight of 246 pounds to 4 years sober and joyfully weighing 172 pounds.”

#15. “From 354 to 142, from December 2016 to December 2021.”

#16. My boyfriend does not even resemble himself (16 to 21).

#17. “In 18 months, I went from 330 pounds to 195 pounds. It’s the first time in roughly 17 years that I’ve weighed less than 200 pounds.”

#18. 11-year change and weight loss of more than 100 pounds․

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