The family feared they’d lost their dog forever till they received a phone call from volunteers…

When a dog called Miles went missing after a walk, it was shocking. The pet was nowhere to be found despite the owner’s desperate search of the whole neighborhood. It took six weeks, and the owners were beginning to lose hope – until they received a phone call from a local animal sanctuary.

Residents of Fulton County, in the state of Georgia, in the United States, just lost their pet dog. While out on a stroll with his owner, an old dog called Miles vanished without a trace. He has poor vision, and it’s likely that the dog was terrified of something and bolted. The pet’s anxious owner scoured the whole area, but was unable to locate the animal. The doggie’s family was in a state of anxiety.

They called many rescue organizations, shelters, and clinics, but Miles was nowhere to be seen. After six weeks of looking, the family has already began to lose faith in their ability to find their missing loved one. When they realized that they would never see their pet again, they were overcome with emotion. However, one day they received a phone call from a local animal sanctuary.

The LifeLine Animal Project shelter called the dog’s owner to inform them that their dog had been returned. The lady couldn’t believe her ears when she heard what she had heard. It turns out that Miles was picked up on the street and sent to the shelter by good folks who care! The dog was microchipped, and the shelter staff was able to use it to determine the address and phone number of his previous owners, who were subsequently called.

It is not known what Miles was up to during these six weeks of silence. However, the most important thing to note is that he is completely unhurt. When his owner arrived to take him up, she was unable to hold back her grief and broke into sobs as she hugged her puppy. She also expressed gratitude to the shelter’s personnel.

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