When a woman brings her baby to work, the boss takes a photo and posts it online with a comment…

Adhering to the demands of your job responsibilities while also parenting a baby is, without a question, the most difficult era of a parent’s life.

And it gets much more difficult when you realize that there is no one at home who can care for the newborn while you are out at your job.

It is often more difficult for working mothers since they must deal with the difficulties of caring for a kid while still maintaining their professional responsibilities.

Yet there is one fortunate mom in the world: Melody Jett Blackwell from Tennessee. When it comes to having a place of employment where mothers may bring their children to work, we are fortunate.

It just so happened that one day as Melody was at work with her newborn kid by her side, her supervisor decided to take a picture of her for record.

It was Melody’s employer who was so affected by the adorable spectacle that she posted a photo of it on her company’s official Facebook page with the description «she makes it seem so simple» and a brief explanation of her opinions on the subject.

The employer of Melody’s place of work, Maryland Farms Chiropractic, has always been very accommodating to Melody’s needs, particularly throughout her pregnancies.

Aside from the nice message, Melody’s employer wrote a little Facebook post to accompany the image of her with the baby son. Here’s everything you need to know:

Melody shared her story with Love What Matters, describing how she was treated well by her employer from the start of her pregnancy.

«When I delivered the baby, my supervisor was quite gracious and gave me three months of maternity leave.» After that, she let me work from home most of the week and come into the office just once a week. She lets me bring my kid in with me so that we can continue to connect and nurse.»

Such friendly and inspiring workplace examples are obviously an uncommon piece of good news. It’s no surprise that this act of generosity made such an indelible effect on Melody. One she will never forget.

It is without a doubt one of the most difficult things to face when you have to raise a kid when both parents must work to satisfy demands.

If employers throughout the globe were more accommodating to working mothers, it would not only assist to reduce emotional anguish but also save money on extra expenditures such as babysitter.

«It significantly reduces the expense of childcare. I hope that in the future, more parents will have the chance that I have to spend every day with my kid while simultaneously contributing to the family income.»

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