As a paralyzed patient walks again, the nurse bursts out in praise: «LORD, thank You! Thank You, Lord!»

As shown in a viral video that has moved the hearts of people all around the world, this teenager from Denton, Texas, surprised nurses by standing up and walking out of her wheelchair without any assistance. She had been paralyzed for 11 days when she was taken to the hospital, where she was informed she had a 5 percent chance of ever walking again. A video of the miracle, which was captured on camera and has since gone viral, was followed by her favorite nurse hugging her with pure excitement and what seems to be the best embrace ever.

She was horse-playing with her father around their house, when she fell on her back the incorrect way, causing her to lose sensibility in both her legs. In all, she was hospitalized for 11 days at the Zale Lipshy University Hospital in Dallas, where she was declared immobile from the hips down. Doctors were unable to determine the source of her condition.

Bailey said that she maintained her firm faith in God throughout the whole period. The whole time she held this mindset, she says, «I was prepared to leave everything in his hands and be prepared for whatever he chose.» Bailey and the nurse in the video had formed an emotional connection because of their strong faith in God.

Bailey was getting physical therapy on April 11, 2015. It was at this point that she became aware of a sensation in her legs. Her hamstrings were flexing, and her physical therapist could see it.

Bailey was overjoyed and wanted to surprise her favorite nurse in a particular manner. So she came up with a plan. «She had brought me so much happiness at a time when I really needed it, so I wanted to bring her some as well,» Bailey shared her thoughts.

It was recorded on camera by Bailey’s friend Becky Murrill.

The nurse had just been trapped in the elevator for an hour when she called for help. She had no idea how her whole day was going to be turned upside down. Even I could sense the enthusiasm in the nurse’s voice as Bailey discreetly rose from her wheelchair. The nurse instantly hugged Bailey in a hug that even I could feel! «Thank you, Lord!» the nurse said as she squeezed Bailey as a kid squeezes its new toy. Thank you, Lord!»

As the nurse tells Bailey that she had been praying for her, you can just sense the emotion that filled the corridor with her. «I’m overjoyed for your progress. I’m overjoyed for you,» the nurse expressed her delight. «There you have it, I told you. All you have to do is preserve the faith.»

Bailey was released from hospital two weeks before her senior prom, which was held in May.

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