When a boy is mocked for SpongeBob Shoes, the teacher buys himself a new outfit to “twin” with him…

I just took my youngest kid to a shop and he immediately fell in love with these sneakers. He thought they were the most incredible shoes he’d ever seen. He couldn’t wait to take them home and show them to my mother and father.

The reason he wouldn’t wear them in the rain was because he didn’t want to get mud on his shoes. He was very careful for each and every stride he made in his treasured shoes. He was overjoyed with his great new sneakers, which he had chosen entirely on his own. He couldn’t wait to put them on and go to school because he was certain that all of his classmates would think they were just as awesome as he thought they were.

After that, though, he came straight home from school, tucked the shoes away in a dark corner of the closet, and didn’t say anything to me. On the next morning, while he was getting ready for school, I wondered about his shoes. He informed me that they were in his closet, but that he couldn’t find them at the time. I walked into his closet and rummaged about till I came upon them. It was a simple matter of putting your shoes on and heading out the door.

After hearing him complain about having a difficult time, I didn’t pay much attention to it. I rushed up to him, slid the shoes on his feet, and ushered him out the door.

When I arrived at school, someone asked as to how he was doing and whether or not he had spoken anything to me about his shoes. One of his students had commented on his shoes the day before in class, and he took it as a personal insult. The students were redirected by the professors, who also requested that they apologize.

However, the harm had already been done.

My son was overjoyed to be able to put on his shoes once again, this time to match one of his favorite teachers. It’ll be great having him in fourth grade as a teacher again. With regard to his students, Jarrod Walls is always willing to go the extra mile for them. Upon hearing Coltey’s story, he immediately purchased a set of ultra-cool shoes for himself, so that the two might seem to be twinning.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who has shown love and support to my darling child, and thank you, Mr. Walls, for going above and beyond every time! 

Please teach your children how to be kind to one another. You can’t urge children to be nice while demonstrating by your acts and words to others that you believe that kindness matters. Everything we do and say is observed and listened to by our children. Clearly show  them that you are compassionate. and they will learn it from you.

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