A father begs parents to check their children’s toys after his son was almost killed by a deadly predator hiding under his truck…

Any parent will tell you that sending the kids OUTSIDE to play is one of the best ways to keep sane during the summer months.

However, a father from Camden, Arkansas, is begging parents to check their children’s toys outdoors before sending them go to burn off pent-up energy.

On a hot summer day, Josh McClane was playing outdoors with his son, Judson, and daughter, Jasmine. Josh heard Judson shouting at the top of his lungs after he had gone to play with his toy dump truck.

A cottonmouth snake, often known as a water moccasin, was hiding behind his toy truck.

After being rushed to the emergency room, it took 16 viles of anti-venom to heal the little boy, and ultimately save his life.

The snake was snoozing under Judson’s dump truck, a cozy haven that had gone unnoticed until it was time to play. The moccasin was most likely threatened, which prompted him to bite the child on the leg.

Josh McClane claims that his family intends to pick up all of the toys every evening from now on. He’s also been much more deliberate about inspecting the children’s toys before they are allowed to play, and he hopes that sharing his experience will inspire other parents to do the same.

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