After being told they couldn’t have children, a couple has three pairs of twins in five years, all of whom have the same birthdate…

Carrie and Craig Kosinski answered yes when an old family friend called them and asked if they could look after her newborn twins. On a trial basis, Carrie and Craig volunteered to assume care of the adorable children.

But days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and the girls became permanent members of the family. For Carrie and Craig, having children had always been a goal, but they had no clue how their journey would unfold.

Adalynn and Kenna were born on February 28, 2014. The twins were born through emergency C-section, and the Kosinkis were granted legal guardianship of the girls at the age of three months.

After a couple of years of parenting their adopted twins, Carrie and Craig received a phone call from their birth mother, who informed them that she was dealing with yet another tragic problem.

She was dealing with a lot of issues in her life and was finding it difficult to make things work. She approached the couple and asked if they would be interested in adopting her two younger children, Cece and J.J., who are two years old.

The younger twins were Kenna and Adalynn’s biological brother and sister, and they were raised by their mother and father. Carrie and Craig, who live in Union Grove, Wisconsin, had to ponder long and hard about what they should do in their situation.

A number of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts had  happened to the couple while they were going through the adoption process with Kenna and Adalynn. They were perplexed for a long time and eventually decided to see a doctor, who provided some devastating news.

According to the doctor, Carrie’s severe endometriosis made it impossible for her to conceive naturally on her own. Because of this, having biological children was out of the question – which is one of the reasons they turned to adoption in the first place.

Carrie Kosinski and her husband Craig adopted their second pair of twins, Cece and J.J., in 2014. They chose to adopt the younger twins since they were siblings of their children and wanted to keep them together. Carrie began to feel strange a few weeks later and went to the doctor, where she discovered she was pregnant.

Their physicians could not comprehend what had happened when destiny paid the family yet another visit shortly after.

To our amazement, biological twins Karraline and Clarissa were born on February 28th, the same day as the other two sets of twins!

‘We were really taken aback. ‘Oh my God, we’re going to have three sets of twins,’ we thought to ourselves. What are we going to do with ourselves?’ Carrie recalls thinking at one point. The fact that all of Carrie and Craig’s children were born on the same day was a strong indication to the thankful parents that this was something that was meant to be for them.

«God certainly has a sense of humour,» Carrie says in an interview with The Journal Times.

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