An entrepreneur who is 28 years old purchases a school bus and turns it into a stunning mobile house…

In the face of a choice between moving in with his parents or living on a school bus, Craig Gordinier, then 28, selected the school bus and the opportunity to pursue his ambition of seeing the world.

And it turned out to be a very wonderful thing in the end.
Craig’s troubles began at the beginning of 2020, when a business transaction did not go as smoothly as he had anticipated.

In an interview with Rachel Ray, according to Yahoo! News, he explains how a failed business venture at the start of COVID that same year led to him ending himself back home on his parents’ sofa and starting over from scratch at the age of 27.

Craig began to consider the broader picture at that point.

If his desire was to buy an RV and travel across the nation when he was 65, why should he have to wait 40 years before he can do so when he is finally able to?

So Craig made the decision that he didn’t want wait and that he was going to realize his goal right now.

‘I began looking at sprinter vans and trailers, as well as small houses and buses, and I eventually came upon the right bus in South Dakota that met all of my requirements. After flying out to the area, I went out and purchased a bus.’

Craig traveled back to Massachusetts on the 1991 Blue Bird school bus, a 28-hour journey.

‘I had this great feeling coming up and witnessing my parents’ expressions when I told them I was driving this enormous school bus,’ he added.
That, however, was the easy part. Craig now had to begin improvements on the bus in order to make it habitable.

For Gordnier, ‘just because homes have rooms does not imply that a bus ought to have rooms,’ as reported by Insider. ‘It seems like a house on wheels,’ says the driver.

Craig’s Blue Bird house is featured in the video below, which you may see.

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