Grandpa has a sassy talk with his baby granddaughter, and she takes the fun to the whole new level…

The majority of people can agree that newborns are the prettiest things on the planet. Absolutely everything they do is cute, from the way they walk about as they try to find their shoes to blowing huge bubbles as they attempt to make their first words.

One aspect in particular that people can’t help but like is their endearing baby-like language.

But, if that’s the case, why hasn’t anybody figured out how to interpret baby speak yet?
Because J.R.R. Tolkien invented a language that was unlike any other, he was inspired to write a storyline that centered around it. Throughout the Star Wars universe, there are whole planets with distinct languages for each individual creature.

When you speak in a foreign language, the options are unlimited. So why hasn’t somebody come up with a way to construct a whole world centered upon toddlers?

Grandpa is getting a detailed account of everything from this little baby girl.
Grandpa reacts, saying that he understands and expressing a want to learn more about the situation. As she recounts her situation, he bobs his head in agreement.

Watch the video below that will definitely make you smile…

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