In respect of her dying husband, a mother delivers a baby two weeks early so that he can touch her before passing away…

A mother in Texas gave birth to her kid two weeks early so that her dying husband could meet and touch the child before he passed away.

Mark Aulger was 52 years old when he discovered that he had been cancer-free for eight months after treatment. That Christmas, he and his family of six rejoiced and looked forward to the new year with optimism, particularly after learning that Diane, Mark’s wife, was expecting their fifth child. At that point, everything seemed to be on the upswing, and Mark and the rest of the Aulger family felt they were getting a new start.

Unfortunately, on January 3, the following year, Mark discovered that the side effects of the chemotherapy had proved devastating to his lungs when he was brought to the hospital complaining of breathing difficulties. His medical diagnosis was pulmonary fibrosis.

Mark was hopeful that he would be able to conquer this health condition after overcoming cancer, so he sought therapy as soon as he could.

‘We were under the impression that he might be put on steroid medication and oxygen and survive for years,’ Diane said of their first response.

However, after a few of weeks, physicians informed the family that the steroid therapy and oxygen were no longer sufficient to keep Mark alive and that he had just one week to live.
That’s when the doctor raised a query with Diane about her health.

‘Can you tell me when you’re going to have this baby?’ the doctor asked her.
That’s when she made the almost-instantaneous decision to deliver the baby early in order for Mark and his younger daughter to be able to spend some quality time together.

Just 15 days after Mark was sent to the hospital with trouble breathing, physicians successfully induced labor, and she gave birth to her baby two weeks early, in the same hospital room as her dying husband, on January 18.
Savannah was handed to them, and Mark was allowed to hold his newborn daughter.

‘His oxygen levels were quite high on the day she was born,’ Diane said of her dying husband’s condition. ‘He had her in his arms for 45 minutes. He and I were both crying the whole time.’

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