When a mom with a sick newborn boards a plane, she discovers that a stranger in first class wants to switch seats with her…

Let’s face it: life may be really chaotic at times. Nonetheless, it’s rewarding when you can find little ways to assist people throughout the day, purely out of the goodness of your heart.
It doesn’t matter where we are in life; the majority of us are faced with many of the same barriers and difficulties. Typical tasks include going to the grocery store, traveling to work on a daily basis, and getting through airport security when we need to leave the country. Even once we’ve cleared customs and boarded the airplane, the journey itself isn’t often very comfortable – especially if you’re a woman traveling with a newborn baby.

The story started when Kelsey Zwick was supposed to fly with her 11-month-old baby on American Airlines.

The flight took around two and a half hours from Orlando, Florida to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Traveling with a kid so young is challenging enough, but Zwick’s trip was made much more difficult by the fact that she was carrying a large diaper bag and an oxygen equipment for her prematurely born baby.

As it turned out, a random act of kindness was about to make their flight a lot easier!

A flight attendant made her way back into the cabin up to Zwick and her kid after she had settled into her seat in economy.
She informed Zwick that there was a male first-class passenger who asked if she and her daughter wouldn’t be more comfortable at the front of the airplane. Zwick, who had been taken aback by the offer, burst into tears of thanks! ‘I’m just standing there gazing at him, sobbing, saying ‘thank you,’’ she said. ‘He simply softly smiled large and said, ‘you’re welcome.’’

When the plane landed safely, Zwick was eager to meet with the friendly gentleman who had assisted her, and she attempted to locate him at the gate.
Despite this, the two were unable to find one another when they got off the plane from the plane. As she began to walk away from the airport, she was still overcome by the desire to speak with the man. Zwick decided to publish a lengthy statement on Facebook about the situation in order to attempt to reach out to him more effectively. And she did!

To watch the interview with that gentleman, press the play button on the video below…

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