Grandpa begins to cry as he hears his grandsons play… Watch the amazing performance here…

Seeing elder generations pass on their abilities and stories to their children and grandkids is a beautiful thing to see. When it comes to passing on gifts to their children, talent and enthusiasm are among the most valuable.

When one man immigrated to America with nothing but his cello, he chased the American dream of creating a living by pursuing his genuine passions and talents. He accomplished this by playing this lovely instrument, and he has a lot to show for it, including his two grandchildren.

Emil and Dariel began cello lessons with their grandpa when they were both four years old. They’ve never had another instructor besides their grandpa, and their relationship is incomparable. They look up to him because of his skills and passion to the instrument, and it’s apparent that talent is handed down down the generations!

Given the fact that they are brothers, they have an advantage over the competition. The energy they draw from one another while they play allows them to create something completely unique and immensely wonderful together. Being able to see these two is a tremendous pleasure!

Watch the amazing performance below:

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