Simon promises to buy a puppy for a lonely 12-year-old boy who sings ‘You Raise Me Up’… Watch the video to know why…

The performers on America’s Got Talent are there to impress the judges in the hopes of advancing to the next round of the competition.  Some performances are remembered for their heartbreaking stories, while others are remembered for their performances that are so unique that they stand out when compared to the others.

Every once in a while, a performance might have such a strong connection with the judges that it is difficult to forget about it. With regard to 12-year-old Jeffrey Li, he most clearly fits into the last of these categories.

As a contestant on America’s Got Talent season 12, Jeffrey revealed to the judges that he was feeling lonely throughout the audition process. A dog was all Jeffrey want. This 12-year-old clearly did his research, because judge Simon Cowell is a major animal lover who has numerous dogs at home.

Jeffrey chose “You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban for his audition since it was a song he used to protect himself from feeling lonely and depressed.

Simon assured him that if he performed well during his audition, he would get Jeffrey a puppy afterward. This is a difficult song that many adults would avoid, but Jeffrey handled it well and gave an outstanding audition. He has a wonderfully lovely voice!

Heidi Klum was ecstatic to ask Jeffrey what puppy he wanted when he completed singing since she thought he’d receive the dog after that audition. ‘Well, talk about stakes, Jeffrey! You’re 12 years old, and you’re performing in front of 3,000 or 4,000 people, singing one of the world’s most famous songs. But, until the very end, I’m not going to tell you what I think of it.’

He then gave the floor to Howie Mandel, who nodded emphatically. Mel B and Heidi also replied yes in agreement with Howie, giving Jeffrey three yeses.

Then it was swiftly back to Simon, who had to admit what he had been thinking! Simon was blown away by Jeffrey’s audition, which comes as no surprise. He thought it was fantastic. And Simon is a man who keeps his promise. That means, thanks to Simon Cowell, Jeffrey will getting a dog!

Watch the amazing performance here:

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