After delivering twins, a mom becomes pregnant with triplets and proudly displays her beautiful baby bump to the world…

Given the amount of energy required to raise a kid, it’s impossible for me to understand how parents of twins manage their lives. To be quite honest, it must be really draining.

But how does one go about raising twins AND triplets? If you ask me, that’s nothing short of incredible at this point.

Even so, it is exactly what mother Michella Meier-Morsi and her husband will do in the years to come – and their family is remarkable evidence that everything is possible with the appropriate amount of love and determination.

Michella and her husband Mark were blessed with the birth of adorable twin daughters in 2018. Obviously, the Danish couple was overjoyed and looked forward to moving to the next phase and exciting chapter in their lives. Michelle became pregnant in October 2017 after undergoing IVF therapy for slightly over a year.

‘When we received the news that we were having twins, I was overjoyed yet, at the same time, frozen with anxiety. ⁣ Just the thought of losing them made me feel sick to my stomach. The numbers were horrifying, and there were terrible messages on twin forums about respirators and losses, so I refused to purchase anything for the kids,’ Michella stated on her Instagram profile in 2020.

The girls were delivered through cesarean section at 37 weeks. The family returned home shortly before Christmas 2018 after spending six days in the hospital.

As most people are undoubtedly aware, a twin pregnancy can be quite exhausting for the body; Michella had the whole experience.

‘I was massive, suffering so much, and practically couldn’t walk due of how bloated my body was,’ she said on one of her social media postings.

‘My pregnancy was horrible, and my body bears lasting reminders of it. Filippa and Ophelia, on the other hand, have been just lovely, and we have created the most wonderful family rhythm with them,’ Michella adds.

Michella and Mark assumed they were done having children after having twins. They undertook another fertility therapy, but the outcome was far from certain.

They didn’t want to get their hopes up since there was only a 12-15 percent possibility of getting pregnant.

As a consequence, Michella had no idea what to anticipate when she walked in for an ultrasound in 2021. She’d been experiencing some weird pains in her body before to her doctor’s visit. Michella assumed she’d suffered a miscarriage or was expecting twins again.

But it turned out that she wasn’t expecting one or two kids, but three! Suffice it to say, Michella and Mark were taken aback.

‘We notice a third dark box as the midwife adjusts the scanner.  It’s as though time has stopped. A third heartbeat was heard. It’s becoming really quiet in there, and I’m beginning to weep.  I just can’t stop shaking and weeping,’ she said.

Michella, who was just over 35 weeks pregnant at the time, gave birth to triplet boys Charles, Theodore, and Gabriel by a cesarean section on January 15.

Michella never imagined that her kids would be able to survive in her womb for 35 weeks; for her, this was a major victory in and of itself.

After what she described as the “wildest 36 hours” of her life, she was both relieved and overjoyed when her lovely sons were finally welcomed into the world.

And, maybe most importantly, what is the most important thing of all? The infants were born healthy and are developing in the manner in which they should. Michella and Mark had to keep the triplets in the hospital for 14 days for check-ups before they were allowed to go home with them.

Michella says that she and her husband barely get four hours of sleep every night, and she still gets stomach pains. Raising five children in such conditions is, as one would expect, a significant challenge.

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