A Marine father stands face to face with his military son, saluting him with a gesture that has moved million hearts…

It isn’t just any salute, however. The passion and affection in this Master Sergeant’s voice as he gives his son his first salute as a second lieutenant is overwhelming. We all have something we want to be when we’re kids.

As we become older, some of us may select a different route, but others choose to go for it and achieve their dreams. With discipline, hard work, and a little luck, we all end up where we want to be.

Our ideal careers are generally influenced by the people we hang out with.

We readily exclaim, ‘I want to be exactly like mommy/daddy,’ when we observe how our parents or grandparents worked and how their work ethic encouraged us.

As a result, we often observe families with similar areas of specialization. Soldiers are one of these vocations. We often hear about families that have served in the army for generations.

Great grandparents, grandparents, and parents who participated in historical battles. Serving the nation is generally seen as a source of pride and respect by families. The following generation’s sons and daughters will likely follow in their footsteps.

The initial salute, often known as the Silver Dollar Salute, has been handed down down the generations.

There is no definite record of when this practice began, although it is believed to have begun in order to honor a soldier who had achieved the rank of captain or major. The person who gives the first salute is someone who has served as a mentor to them during their military service.

A higher-ranking official had previously been responsible for this. Some students were even paired with a mentor. When it comes to the ceremony, individuals now have the option of choosing who will give them their first salute as long as they have already served in the army.

The significance of this moment is shown in this video of a father giving his son his first salute.

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