Parents who lost three children in a car accident were later blessed with triplets…

What Lori and Chris Coble went through as parents is beyond comprehension for the majority of people. During the month of May 2007, the family was devastated by an unspeakable tragedy.

When tragedy struck, Lori was sitting in her vehicle with her children Kyle, Emma, and Katie. The back of the family minivan was destroyed by a massive, fully laden truck.

In fact, Lori has no memory of what happened; the sequence of events was described to her after the fact. Chris couldn’t do anything except wait for the doctor’s verdict as she and her children were brought to different hospitals by ambulance.

‘Doctors were finally able to break the devastating news to the parents: all three of their children had died. Despite all difficulties, the pair was able to find strength in each other.

The parents first wanted to bring the driver who had taken their children’s lives to justice, but a miracle happened six months later that restored the pair’s love of life…

Following the tragedy, the couple became interested in traffic issues, particularly in the trucking business, in order to bring attention to the difficulties that exist there.

Six months after their family’s tragedy, Chris and Lori were taken aback when they discovered a cause to be hopeful again…

Lori was expecting triplets — two girls and a boy.  Lori and Chris were certain that their children had played a unique role in this miracle from above, and they were right.

‘When you get a sense that they are there and are watching over your shoulder or protecting you, something like this happens… it’s difficult to think that they were not involved in any way,’ Chris adds.

Ashley, Ellie, and Jake, three year old triplets, celebrated their seventh birthday in May 2015.

Although nothing will ever fully compensate for the death of their three earlier children, the arrival of new children Kyle, Emma, and Katie has undoubtedly contributed to the restoration of much-needed joy in the family.

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