Siblings are placed in foster care 16 times until a single father comes to their rescue and adopts them…

As parents, we want to give our children with secure, stable, and loving environments where they can grow and develop. So it’s awful to think of all the children that grow up in the foster care system and have no idea what it’s like.

Miquel, four, Willis, six, and Nevaeh, nine, are all familiar with the experience of being in foster care. Many years of their childhood were spent in state care with the three siblings. However, when a single father came to their rescue, everything changed.

In Vernal, Utah, Darryl Andersen opened his heart and home to the adorable siblings.  With a little bit of love, everything is possible, as shown by the heartwarming story of a single father who steps in to prove that love wins.

Overall, the three siblings have had a difficult start in life. They went into foster care in 2016, and it’s been a nightmare trying to find a nice family to take them in since then.

Everyone understands that children need stability; nevertheless, for these children, life has been a never-ending cycle of constant change.

Andersen told KSL News reporters that it was literally one home after another. ‘They’re really close, and realize, you know, they’ve been put 16 times and in group homes, so all they had was each other,’ Andersen said.

Over the course of the five years that they were floating through the system, the kids moved housing conditions sixteen times.

He couldn’t take the thought of Miquel, Willis, and Navaeh spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, and, in fact, their whole lives without a secure housing environment.

Andersen began to consider adoption.  He knew he could do it since he had so many years of experience as a parent under his belt. Then, with his own children’s approval, he decided to go forward with the procedure.

More people like Darryl Andersen would make the world a better place. Andersen is now bringing three children to adulthood, exactly like he did with his own children before. To learn more about this touching adoption story, watch the video below!

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