A cappella group performs a touching version of Billy Joel’s “The longest time”…

Many performers produce excellent renditions of Billy Joel’s songs since he is one of the most influential musicians of all time.
This group of a cappella singers does an incredible rendition of one of his iconic songs using just their voices.

These six vocalists came together with the idea of recording an acapella cover of Billy Joel’s hit song. This acapella band reproduced Billy Joel’s “Longest Time” in about four hours from start to finish.

They only had four hours to study, practice, and perform the song after meeting.

When the sixth vocalist begins the video recording and hurries to join the others, you can see five of them lined up at the start of the video.

The guys begin singing, with a calm finger snapping in the background to maintain the tempo—and you know it’s something unique right away!

Watch the music video here, and share what you think about the performance in the comments section:

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