Dad invites his little son to be best man at his wedding, unaware that his speech would be so honest…

I’ve never heard a better ‘Best man’ speech. He masters the delicate skill of blending sincerity with comedy.

It’s crucial to choose the best man and maid of honor wisely for the wedding. It’s an important responsibility.

These two positions are usually filled by the couple’s closest siblings or best friends.

Their duties are critical since they not only assist with the wedding preparations, but they also offer the newlyweds a toast. Someone must know them by heart.

Nick del Bono’s best man was a one-of-a-kind pick.

He asked his seven-year-old son.

Vincent, like most best men, gave a speech for his father and his wonderful wife, Lauren. There were no signs of anxiousness at all.

He walked over to the center and took the microphone.

He gave a three-page speech.
He introduced himself to the gathering and made them laugh right away.

Watch the video here:

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