The family built this prefab storm shelter over a decade ago, and it ended up saving their lives…

A storm shelter at Breman, Kentucky, is credited with saving the lives of a family in the area.

Jordan Evans was out of town with his son Gage when a strong storm slammed western Kentucky, causing him to miss his homecoming. According to Jordan, the area resembled a war zone in its appearance.

The storm, on the other hand, was moving closer to the rest of the family. A storm shelter that is 10 feet deep and 12 feet wide is located next door to the home, which they might use to take cover in case the house did not have a basement or anything underneath.

When the tornado passed by, it was Gage’s stepfather, Justin Pointer, who guided the family’s eight members and their two dogs into a tiny shelter, where they remained until the storm passed them.

Despite the fact that the shelter was tiny and unpleasant, they were able to escape. Justin’s father had constructed the shelter over a decade earlier. All that mattered now was that they were all safe. They couldn’t remember how much it had cost to construct it.

You can learn more about the devastating outcomes of tornado in the video below:

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