«Barbie plus-size»: this magnificent beauty delighted the entire Internet

Kate is a pretty curvaceous girl. According to her, she is proud of her figure. Our heroine actively publishes photos, which makes her Instagram followers very happy.

Netizens are very surprised by this behavior of the beauties, because usually only ladies with model proportions behave so boldly. But, it is worth noting that it is her courage that admires Kate’s fans.

Now she has 20 thousand followers on Instagram, and this figure is growing every day. Moreover, you can’t find any negativity on her page — everyone just admires the girl’s forms and wishes her success.

In addition, pictures of Kate were published in a well-known American magazine, which further added to her self-confidence. And, of course, the fans. Thousands of girls write to the beauty every day with a request to teach her to be just as self-confident.

And the guys do constantly strive to get acquainted with the donut. And they even call her to marry! But only now they were late, because not so long ago, Kate had already tied the knot with her beloved, who, by the way, is also delighted with her wife.

And how do you feel about such self-confidence of a girl?

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