«The Power of Makeup»: How a makeup artist made a beautiful woman who had long ceased to take care of herself

Every woman needs to look beautiful and be well-groomed. And so a make-up artist from Azerbaijan, Ayan Shafag, decided to give that very feeling of her splendor to those who, for some reason, cannot do it on their own. For Ayan, her work is a childhood dream come true. The girl has always loved to paint and dress people beautifully, thereby making them truly happy. In professional circles, she is known and respected.

Recently, Ayan decided to organize an unusual project. She takes to the streets, where she approaches absolutely all women and asks if they need the services of a stylist and makeup artist. Then she invites them to her salon and a real miracle of reincarnation takes place there. And now, in the hands of Shafag, there was a woman who, for some reason, stopped taking care of herself and using cosmetics. Ayan took a “before” photo and got to work.

The client had a lot of minor flaws in her appearance and for the makeup artist, it was just a storehouse. Indeed, from her, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, it was possible to make a beauty much easier than from one whose appearance is impeccable.

The woman’s skin was dry and she needed products that would moisturize her. Ayan applied her basic care, but the result of these creams is temporary because, for the skin condition to be good on an ongoing basis, it should be taken care of every day.

Next came the make-up. First, the make-up artist chose the right foundation for the client’s skin color, plus the base had to be dense to hide all the skin’s roughness. Then the sculptor for the face, blush for freshness and, of course, the highlighter went into action, because modern makeup is indispensable without it.

Ayan then moved on to eye makeup. For a woman, she decided to choose make-up that emphasizes the eyes, making them expressive with the help of several pink shades of shadows. Well, at the end of the make-up, Shafag moved on to creating hairstyles. Since the client’s hair was in a deplorable state, the makeup artist began to transform it. In the course went masks, restoring shampoos and balms. In the end, it was decided to repaint them a little and in the end — beautifully laid.

The client loved it. Probably, she had not seen herself so beautifully made up for a long time that she even shed a tear. But these are tears of joy — and what could be better for a beauty master?

It remains only to hope that after leaving the salon, the woman will want to take care of herself again. After all, she saw what a beauty she could be if she put in just a little effort.

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