The girl Luna managed to be cured completely.The «mask» is no more…

Six-month-old Luna Fenner was born with a congenital melanocytic nevus, a huge birthmark shaped like a Batman mask. She spent a lot of time in hospitals and clinics at her home in the USA. Doctors feared that the birthmark could develop into melanoma. They offered the baby treatment, but the cost of the operations was too high for their family.

Pavel Popov, a Krasnodar oncologist surgeon with 20 years of experience, learned the story of our heroine from social networks. He contacted Luna’s family and suggested an alternative scheme for conducting operations.

Luna’s mother persuaded her not to fly to Russia, not much trusting the competence of Russian doctors. But the love for her child was stronger than any fear, and the girl’s mother decided to use this chance to give Luna a full life.

Dr. Popov said that the girl would need six to eight operations, each costing $25,000, and the treatment would last a year and a half.

The first course of treatment in the Krasnodar clinic was successful. The moon underwent two photodynamic procedures. Doctors first removed the nevus on the girl’s forehead. A month later, a birthmark around the child’s eyes was removed with a laser. The result of the operation was brilliant, Luna has very good skin regeneration.

Dr. Popov on his Instagram page said that the operation was going according to plan.

In December, the girl returned to the United States with her mother to celebrate Christmas.

Then she will continue treatment and rehabilitation. Presumably, this will take up to a year and a half.

It is known that a resident of one of the regions of Russia, whose name is unknown, paid for all the treatment of Luna.

Luna’s mother Carol Fenner addressed the Russians with gratitude for the participation and support that was provided to them.

The method used by the Krasnodar doctor was called unique in the USA. The whole world is chained to the doctor and his developments in this field. The Krasnodar Clinic plans to patent its experience and skills in treating children with similar diseases.

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